Ji Ho Choi would be a mediator between LaJust and the WTF

The conflict between the World Taekwondo Federation and the Korean company LaJust is much worse than what is publicly known. The WTF has asked the president of PATU to operate as a mediator.

There is a good relationship between the provider of PSS LaJust and the president of the Taekwondo Panamerican Union, Ji Ho Choi, and the brand is used exclusively for the PSS in official events in America.

On the other hand, we know about the bad relationship between the WTF and the mentioned company, and this is making the COI to talk about Taekwondo and not exactly about the good results or for reaching the number two hundred member but by the scandals that began to arise after Daedo was designated as the company that would provide the PSS during the Olympics in 2012.

The demand from LaJust against the WTF is irreversible and apparently, the Korean company has everything on their side, which could generate a catastrophic destabilization on the principal governing of Taekwondo, which could lead to irreparable consequences on the future of Taekwondo.

Before such a desolated panorama, the World Federation decided to appeal to the president of PATU in order to establish a negotiation that does not generate so many drawbacks to sports and the political-economic, such as those already being suffered by  the WTF through the freezing of its accounts for an approximate amount of four million dollars.

Therefore, Ji Ho Choi would start negotiations in South Korea between the two parties in conflict, and it is expected that LaJust accepts the different proposals that the WTF would have to offer.

Are there some speculations? There are many. There are rumors that LaJust would be offered to be used in the PSS in all the events, except the Pre-Olympic and Olympic Games.

Would there be any risks? There would be many. There are also rumors that there is a possibility to reuse the traditional Protectors in the Pre-Olympics and the consequences that this scandal may have within the Olympic field.

Would there be any consequences? Only time will tell.

For the moment, the only thing is sure is that no long before the relationship of the World and the president of PATU was doubtful; However, now with Ji Ho Choi collaboration to solve this serious problem, we can quote that “Politics is the art of the possible” and Choi will be seen as the savior of the World Taekwondo and his re-election as the head of PATU would be beyond question.



Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas

Original Note (Spanish): Ji Ho Choi sería mediador entre LaJust y WTF

Claudio Aranda, Exclusive






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