LaJust is trying to complicate the situation of Taekwondo within the IOC

An environment of tension prevails in the World Taekwondo maximum dome after the incident arose from the decision taken by the WTF, with respect to the determination of the usage of the Protector Scoring System (PSS) in the next Olympics 2012.

The inclination from the WTF towards the Spanish firm, Daedo, created discomfort in its main competitor: LaJust. And this is the reason why the Korean company threatened to take legal actions because they feel they have been let down after knowing about a supposed existence of a contract.

As said and done LaJust appeared before the Korean courts and began the formal demand against the principal governing of Taekwondo, requesting the freezing of its accounts for approximately four million dollars.

Recently the General Secretary Mr. Jin Suk Yang of WTF has recognized this situation by expressing the sadness and disappointment felt by the World Federation to the unjustified actions of LaJust. Declaring that as soon as cited by the Korean justice, the WTF will present and void the freezing of assets.

We need to consider that actions like the ones taken by LaJust, inhibit the free operation affecting the maximum organization representing us worldwide. And all the harm generated could certainly affect Taekwondo and therefore to the foundation of our sport: the athletes.

2011 July 29 – Letter to MNAs re LaJust


Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas

Original Note (Spanish): LaJust estaría intentando complicar la situación del Taekwondo dentro del COI

Matías Rojas. Exclusive


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