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Use of new Daedo sensing socks at WTF World Qualification Tournament Baku

Following a series of efforts to improve PSS sensing socks to improve taekwondo competitions, confirm you that new sensing socks with different position of sensors have been produced and fully tested.


The major change is that sensor position has been moved 2cm towards the heel and again moved 1cm towards outside foot. By doing so, inconvincible points coming from powerless pushing kick have been significantly decreased and ordinary taekwondo techniques such as back kick became easier to score. We are also expecting to see fewer injuries of the athletes as the athletes have had tendency in raising the knee not to allow the other to score with the above-said actions.

This process was initiated right after 2011 WTF World Taekwondo Championships Gyeongju in which we all witnessed the above problems. WTF Technical Committee and WTF PSS ad-hoc committee have been working closely on this matter and officially approved the use of new Daedo sensing socks at all WTF Qualification Tournaments for London 2012 Olympic Games including the upcoming WTF World Qualification Tournament Baku. The photos of the official new Daedo sensing socks to be used at the WTF World Qualification Tournament Baku are attached for your reference.

Since the new sensing socks have not been released to this date and these new socks will only be accepted to wear at the qualification tournaments, the WTF is committed to providing one pair of new socks to all athletes participating in WTF World Qualification Tournament Baku for free. Besides, new sensing socks will be available at the training venue in Baku from June 25 for free trial during training of the teams and will also be available to buy with special price in the venue.

We believe that this effort will result in much improved taekwondo competitions with displaying much fairer and more exciting pattern.



Source: WTF.

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