The Korean team was defined for Baku

The last tournament to select the four athletes that will represent Korea in Baku took place this past June 7 at the Gangjin Gym. They are: Lee Dae-Hun, Cha Dong-Min, Kim Mi-Kyeong y An Sae-Pom.


The categories for each one are: Lee Dae-Hun (Male-58kg), Cha Dong-Min (Male+80kg), Kim Mi-Kyeong (Female-67kg) and An Sae-Pom (Female­+67kg). All four representatives of the World power will travel to Baku on June 30.

For the -58kg category, Lee Dae-Hun (Yong In University) easily beat Lee Gil-Su (Yong In University) due to his injury.

For the +80kg category, the Olympic championship for Beijing 2008, Cha Dong-Min (KOGAS) beat In Kyo-Don (Yong In University) and got his ticket to Baku.

The two male categories where easily won by Lee Dae-Hun y Cha Dong-Min, nevertheless, on the female category everything was more even.

For the -67kg female category, Kim Mi-Kyeong beat the actual Olympic championship, Hwang Kyung-Seon. After both scoring 5 points in 3 rounds, Mi-Kyeong got the necessary extra point to win.

For the +67kg category, An Sae-Pom (Samsumg Team) beat Hye-Ri (Seúl Team) to get her ticket to Baku.

It is important to mention that if these athletes classify for Azerbaijan, the ticket will be given to the country not to the athlete. The last tournament to define the athletes to compete for the Olympic Games will be on May 2012.

These four athletes are currently located at The High Performance Centre of Korea, since June 9, and will remain there until their departure to Azerbaijan.


  • Male -58kg


1) Lee Dae-Hun (Yong In University)

2) Lee Gil-Su (Yong In University)

3) Im Cheol-Ho (KOGAS)


  • Male +80kg

1) Cha Dong-Min (KOGAS)

2) In Kyo-Don (Yong In University)

3) Lee Sang-Bin (KOGAS)


  • Female -67kg

1) Kim Mi-Kyeong (Incheon Team)

2) Hwang Kyung-Seon (Goyang Team)

3) Kim Hui-Rang (Dong A University)


  • Female +67kg


1) An Sae-Pom (Samsumg Team)

2) Oh Hye-Ri (Seúl Team)

3) Park Hye-Mi (Samsung Team)



Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas

Original Note (Spanish): Se definió el equipo coreano para Bakú


Pedro Arturo Romualdo Domínguez. Exclusive






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