The WTF has called on the global taekwondo family to give support and solidarity to Japan for its recent natural disaster

WTF President Chungwon Choue has recently sent a letter of condolences to Mr. Noboru Kanehara, president of the All Japan Taekwondo Association.


“My spirit has grown weary with sorrow as I have watched and lived together with the people of Japan the fatal events unfold,” WTF President Choue said in the letter. “Please know that I and the entire taekwondo family continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers, and we will do our utmost to be of assistance to you. If there is anything that we can do to help, please do not hesitate to let me know.”

Dr. Choue said, “Hope begins in darkness and brings forth the dawn. The WTF and our entire taekwondo family throughout the world will remain at your side as you and your nation begin to find that hope.”

WTF President Choue also sent a letter to member national associations, urging them to give messages of hope and solidarity.

“In the name of solidarity and the taekwondo spirit, I wish to encourage all of our MNAs to send your condolences, prayers, messages of hope to our family in Japan,” WTF President Choue said. “Though it may seem that words may be of little consolation at this time, they will bring light and guidance toward hope.”

Dr. Choue said in the letter, “I pray that our members all around the world continue to be well. As we continue through this year of ‘World Peace through Taekwondo,’ remain as one in our taekwondo family. “Stay steadfast in your dedication toward one another.”

He concluded by saying, “Let us help those in need to stand, and continue to walk with each other during these trials and tribulations.”

As a small token of its solidarity, the WTF has started raising funds at the WTF headquarters to be delivered to the Japanese side.



Source: WTF.

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