Letter from the director of DAEDO

We reproduce the letter received at our editorial written by the director of the company DAEDO to the WTF and taekwondo community worldwide.

World Taekwondo Federation
Swiss Timing
Wtf Ad-Hoc Committee for Pss
Re: PSS selection for the 2012 London Olympic Games
Date: March 3rd, 2011
Hereby, Daedo International requests a clear indication of the WTF’s stance regarding the biased, unfair and non-transparent PSS selection process for the 2012 London Olympic Games.
1. Why did the WTF recommend only one particular PSS supplier among the two existing WTF Recognized PSS suppliers to the LOCOG, in December 2010? Daedo already submitted this inquiry on January 7th 2011 but has not received any answer from the WTF until today.

2. Through the letter sent to all MNAs on May 25th 2010, the WTF explained that the Ad-hoc Committee for PSS would “monitor the quality of the systems of the WTF Recognized companies” and that the LOCOG would “contract one of the companies of the PSS”. Later on, the WTF stated that the final decision was to be made by Swiss Timing, yet neither LOCOG nor Swiss Timing has made any decision and apparently the right to make the final decision is now on the WTF’s hands. However, the WTF has not mentioned anything regarding this decision so far.

3. The WTF is carrying out a seminar to select and train international referees for the 2012 London Olympic Games (January 14th – 17th 2011 in Azerbaijan, March 2nd – 5th 2011 in China). Even though no PSS has been selected yet for the Olympic Games, only one system (Lajust) is being used at both seminars. Swiss Timing is synchronizing its system to the PSS in order to test and use it during the seminars.

4. It is obvious that for the selection process both the WTF and Swiss Timing (in charge of the technical evaluation) must test and assess in a fair manner the two existing WTF Recognized PSS. However, Daedo has never received any notice from either the WTF or Swiss Timing about this test: when, where and how the test is going to be carried out.

5. Did the WTF take into account the evaluation reports (on events and PSS) made by the WTF’s staff, MNAs, international referees, technical delegates, coaches and athletes? Were all incidents that took place in several events taken into consideration? The WTF already knows that many MNAs purchased a PSS which presented so many problems that they could not use it anymore and had to dispose of it in storages, and that many Taekwondo professionals are worried that this PSS might be used at an Olympic level. Why is then the WTF so persistently pushing for this particular PSS to be selected at the Olympic Games, despite its poor performance and quality?

Taking into account the above-mentioned points, Daedo wants to officially make a strong protest against the evident biased behavior of the WTF for the use of only one particular PSS and the unfair and non-transparent PSS selection process for the 2012 London Olympic Games:

* Unilateral recommendation of only one specific PSS supplier to LOCOG.
* No official tests made with Daedo PSS by Swiss Timing.
* The unfair use of only one particular PSS at the London OG IR Selection & Training Camps, where the PSS is being tested and used.
* The use of every means, by the WTF, to push forward a certain PSS for the Olympic Games instead of selflessly questioning whether the system provides a fair refereeing and therefore determines a fair victory – based on technique and not on taking pot luck – to all Olympic Taekwondo athletes.

We sincerely hope that the WTF, as the organization that represents Olympic Taekwondo all over the world, can show a genuine Olympic spirit.

Since its foundation in 1983, Daedo has worked hard for Taekwondo’s prosperity, progress and globalization and it would be shameful if we were bringing up the above mentioned issue only for our business benefit. Our company is committed to contributing to the future of Taekwondo, its progress as an Olympic sport and the WTF’s prosperity.

Honorable Dr. Choue, Mr. Yang and WTF employees: we plead you to implement a doubtless and perfectly fair and transparent PSS selection process by reflecting on the future of Olympic Taekwondo and the WTF’s position, thinking about all the Taekwondo people that have placed their hopes on the WTF and on Dr. Choue, and leaving any commercial purpose behind.

Due to the unfair treatment that the WTF has shown to Daedo, our company’s image and business has been seriously damaged. Hence, if we do not receive a suitable solution or answer from the WTF to our protest, Daedo will take any necessary action for the sake of Taekwondo’s true progress and our company’s interests.

Yours sincerely,
Chuen Wook Park
Taekwondo Planet Team

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