ETU General Assembly in Baku

ETU held its annual General Assembly on the occasion of the European Taekwondo Team Championships in Baku, at the Caucas Point Hotel.


President Pragalos welcomed all members of the General Assembly and he especially thanked Vice-President Musayev and the Organizing Committee for organizing the European Team Championships.

There was one extra item on the agenda: due to the new WTF statutes the ETU General Assembly was asked to adopt the new proposal for amendment of the ETU Statutes. In order to fulfil the obligations under the new WTF Statutes, a new provision has to be added in the ETU Statutes. The proposed text was as follows: In the case of divergence and/or contradiction between the provisions of the ETU Statutes and WTF Statutes, the provisions of the latter shall prevail.

The General Assembly voted unanimously in favor of this amendment and all following reports of the President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer were approved.

The following five persons have become new ETU-EXCO-members:

Michel Madar (Israel)

Jesus Castellanos (Spain)

Roger Piarulli (France)

Dr. Sun Jae Park (Italy)

Fred Buitenhuis (Netherlands)

The meeting was closed after a short discussion about a few requests made by national federations by President Pragalos after about two hours.



Source: ETU


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