Old building is fighting back

Part of a building which lay empty for 16 years has been given a new lease of life as a martial arts centre.

A redundant lounge at the Kirkwood Sports Barn in Coatbridge was converted into a training area by the local Camran Taekwondo Club.

And a team of top Taekwondo stars from the Korea National Sport University in Seoul were on hand to help celebrate the grand opening.

Taekwondo master Andy Campbell, former national team member and a 4th Dan instructor who runs the Camran club, said “We are delighted that North Lanarkshire Council and North Lanarkshire Leisure have allowed us to convert the former lounge area into a dedicated dojo”.

“We have a thriving club and all worked together to create this training facility.”



Source: Evening Times.


masTaekwondo Team



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