Members bring home swag of medals

Rockingham Taekwondo Club walked away with a swag of medals from the recent WA State Taekwondo Championships.

An outstanding performance by Jamie Strickland resulted in three gold medals, in the under-14 red belt girls sparring, the under-14 red belt girls traditional poomsae division and in the pairs traditional competition with team member Aimee McCamish.

Other gold medals were awarded to Reece Driver in the under-10 boys blue belts, Chloe Alden in the under-12 girls blue belt division, and Brendon Cooke in the under-10 boys red belt division.

Sisters Hayley and Justine Branden both won gold in the under-18 black belt division and the under-10 blue belt division respectively.

Shane Davey won gold in the male veterans blue belt division.

Georgina Shaw in the under-14 girls blue belt division and Samuel Winner in the under-18 male red belt division won silver medals.



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