Athletes from Turkey, Great Britain and France win gold during the third day

Competitions of the third day of 2010 WTF European Taekwondo Championships held in St. Petersburg have come to an end.

Gold medals in male division go to Ridvan Baygut (Turkey, under 74g) and Aaron Cook (Great Britain, under 80kg). Gold medalists among women are Haby Niare (France under 62kg) and Sarah Stevenson (Great Britain, under 67 kg).

Successful performance of taekwondo team from Great Britain resulted in their entering into a top three leaders list a day before the end of competitions. According to the results of three days of the Championships, medal tally by nation is headed by Turkish team. France and Great Britain are in the second and the third place respectively. Russia is holding the fourth position and has a chance to strive for getting higher.

Athletes from Austria, Poland and Azerbaijan grabbed their first medals in this Championship. Manuel Mark brought silver to Austria, Elvin Mammadov from Azerbaijan and Lukasz Smigaj from Poland won bronze medals.

The final fight in the male weight division under 74 kg between Ridvan Baygut (Turkey) and Manuel Mark (Austria) became an exact copy of the final fight of 2008 European championship. Both two years ago and today it was a close win of an athlete from Turkey.

Male finals in the weight division under 80 kg between Aaron Cook (Great Britain) and Nikolaos Tzellos (Greece) turned to be the most emotional. Both sportsmen had active supporters who put spurs to the athletes. When results were announced, Aaron Cook turned a cartwheel to an ovation of his supporters, whereas, Nikolaos Tzellos who lost fell flat on his face to a carpet in despair.

According to the results of the third day, Russia managed to add only one medal to those already gained: it was Kristina Hafizova’s bronze in the weight category under 62kg. In a semi-final fight Kristina lost only one point to a future gold medalist Haby Niare from France. The final score 11-10 was not in favour of the Russian athlete.

In the female weight division under 67kg a two-time Champion of Europe, a World Champion, a bronze medalist of 2008 Olympiad, Sarah Stevenson, (Great Britain) due to her experience managed to change the course of the fight, which had a start unsuccessful for her. She gained a beautiful victory over Nur Tatar (Turkey).

On 15th, May, competitions among men in weight division under 87kg and over 87kg and competitions among women in weight division under 73kg and over 73kg will be held. Ivan Nikitin from St. Petersburg, Roman Kuznetsov from Irkutsk, Anastasia Baryshnikova from Chelyabinsk and Svetlana Tolkunova from Moscow will represent Russia.

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