WTF public relations officials make a supervision tour at the Baja California’s High Performance Center

A delegation of the WTF’s Public Relations Division and a group of South Korean Journalists arrived this weekend to the Baja California High Performance Center for a supervision tour to the official stages and facilities that will be used for the VIII World Junior Taekwondo Championship and the Olympic Qualifying Round.


During this technical visit the group of South Korean representatives checked all the adaptations made on many spaces such as the media working room and grand stands as well as the conference room.

The WTF Public Relations Division Director, Seok-Jae Kang, supervised the stage along with members of the organizing committee. Media work room is in good conditions, and just some extra adjustments must be made in other parts, stated Kang, who arrived to Baja California with a group of South Korean graphic reporters and journalists.

The stage located inside the Multipurpose Gym at Baja California’s CAR, will count on with special areas for general public, special, VIP Guests, judges and competitors. At the same time the federation requested an extra room on the second floor of the gym for its staff.

The computer installations are a very important issue, stated Kang. Thus the federation representatives will need technical assistance continuously to warrantee all the information will be sent to many parts of the world due to the high transcendence of this event.

The WTF extended their intentions of having a press conference on March 3rd with local, national and international media accredited to the coverage of the Olympic Qualifying Round and the World Junior Championship itself.

At the same time the federation informed that its first Photo Contest will take place during these two events in Mexico with an open invitation to all the graphic reporters accredited to participate in it.

By INDE Media.
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