Daedo Electronic Protectors, officially recognized by the WTF

After several years of researching, developing and testing, Daedo’s electronic protector system for Taekwondo competitions has been finally Recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation.


In order to achieve the official approval, Daedo has undergone all the processes indicated by the WTF and the Ad-hoc Committee for Electronic Protectors:

Daedo International developed an E-protector System based on the WTF EBP standard specification elaborated in 2005.
Daedo E-protector System was presented at the 2nd demo test organized by the WTF in 2006.
Daedo E-protector System was presented again at the 3rd demo test organized by the WTF in 2007 and was allowed to move on to the next stage, the laboratory test at the KISS.
– Daedo requested in January 2008 the necessary laboratory test to the KISS with a total cost of 20,000 USD$ and received the test report in September 2008.
– Daedo E-protector System was presented again at the 4th demo test organized by the WTF in May 2009, in Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Ad-hoc Committee expressed their positive impression on the system.
– Daedo presented the latest updates of its system to the Ad-hoc Committee in June 2009, in Baku (Azerbaijan).
Following the Ad-hoc Committee’s recommendation, Daedo requested a laboratory test for those areas that were proved unsatisfactory at the previous test held in 2008 (December 29th, 2009).
The Field Test Competition for the Daedo system was held in The Netherlands in January 16th 2010 under the supervision of 3 Ad-hoc Committee members, who elaborated a favorable report regarding the system.

Furthermore, Daedo e-protector system has been used at several competitions with no significant problems at operational level and competitors have been able to adapt well even without trying it beforehand. They just need to use their regular Taekwondo techniques to score. The following events have used Daedo system:
Flora Pokal in Hamburg, Germany (9 May 2009)
4-country competition in Schwabach, Germany (16 May 2009)
Catalonian Taekwondo Federation’s Cup in Barcelona, Spain (24 May 2009)
King’s Cup in Torrelavega, Spain (6 June 2009)
Under-21 Championships of Valencia in Alberich, Spain (27 June 2009)
Under-21 Championships of Andalucia in Sevilla, Spain (28 June 2009)
2nd Daedo Cup in Cuenca, Ecuador (27-28 June 2009)
Argentina Open in Buenos Aires, Argentina (6-8 November 2009)
1st European Under-21 Championships in Vigo, Spain (6-8 November 2009)
Madrid International Open, Spain (21 November 2009)
Regional Championships of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain (29 November 2009)
Italian National Championships in Genova, Italy (5-6 December 2009)
Spanish Clubs Championships in Cartagena, Spain (12 December 2009)
Argentina National Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina (13 December 2009)
1st European University Taekwondo Championships in Braga, Portugal (10-12 December 2009)
Andalucia International Open in Osuna, Spain (19 December 2009)
Regional Championships of Galicia, Spain (19 December 2009)


Being WTF Recognized, now Daedo has the opportunity to supply its e-protector system to any competition a regional, national and international level, even to the Olympic Games.

The race for developing an electronic system for Taekwondo competitions has only one goal: to contribute to the progress of Taekwondo as a fair play sport and to its consolidation as an Olympic sport. Thanks to the approval, Daedo is taking part in such contribution to Taekwondo.

By Matías Rojas, masTaekwondo.com

3 thoughts on “Daedo Electronic Protectors, officially recognized by the WTF”

  1. Hello
    I work in the Taekwondo Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    We really liked the electronic system.
    We are very interested in the electronic system.
    Wanted to buy the electronic system.
    How much?
    And through whom you can buy?

  2. Hi,
    I am happy to say that I have just purchases one for my daughter and I am very pleased with the results that this new chest protector is providing. Our Dojang is the first in North America to use this system privately for sparring practice and it has made a word of difference. Thank you for all the time that you have spent in your garage to develop this fantastic product. We are now waiting on the gloves to come out and we will be ready to test the full capacity of Daedo.

    Thank you.

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