This year, Kukkiwon will have a policy to make Taekwondo as an advanced brand in the world

The President of the Kukkiwon, Seung Wan Lee, sent a letter to, with proposals for work this year.

Dear Taekwondo family members!

We welcome the first day of 2010.

I wish every Taekwondo member a happy and very prosperous New Year.

I give deep respect to field Taekwondo instructors who have tried to overcome the difficulties such as diminishing trainees due to the global economic crisis.

As you know, Kukkiwon which was established in 1972 as a Central Gymnasium has played important role for Taekwondo development. And Taekwondo has been developed as a world martial art which has 189 members in the world.

This year, we have a policy to make Taekwondo as an advanced brand in the world through harmony and unity among Taekwondo family members.

It is with this vision in mind that we have been driving the globalization of Kukkiwon for the last several years. To lead the new millennium by ourselves, above all, we should improve our Taekwondo competitiveness and initiatives should be taken by kukkiwon, the world Taekwondo Headquarters.

This year we have a plan to continue our products for three businesses. They are as follows:

First, we will plan the establishment of overseas branches to reinforce the management of Taekwondo and systematization of overseas Taekwondo Organization.

Second, we will support the best Taekwondo Gymnasiums to have the foundation of global network of the Kukkiwon, and also we will support the education of Taekwondo instructors and masters in order to revitalize the Taekwondo gymnasiums across the world.

Lastly, we will continue the visiting Kukkiwon Program to inform the visitors the spirits of Taekwondo and the publicity relations of Kukkiwon.

From now on, let`s open our arms wide and greet the new millennium with the bravery and spirit of the Taekwondo. Advance to all five great oceans and six continents with harmony and unity based on the “Taekwondo” philosophy. Let`s establish a firm footing as a leading international Kukkiwon in the global village.

Thank you very much.

January 12, 2010

Seung Wan Lee
President of Kukkiwon


masTaekwondo Team


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