Daedo electronic protectors, on their way to become WTF Recognized

The history of our sport has been marked by the introduction of this revolutionary equipment which has basically changed the structure of Taekwondo competition.


Many companies have invested large amounts of resources in research and development, with the main objective of contributing to the growth and evolution of Taekwondo.

One of the companies that has shown greatest interest in the technological progress of Taekwondo has been, undoubtedly, the world famous brand Daedo.

The prestigious Spanish company has progressed significantly in this field, being able to achieve ergonomics, flexibility and effectiveness in their electronic protectors.

Daedo, who has developed a protector that satisfies all features required by the main users, has moved considerably forward on its way to obtaining the WTF Recognition.

On December 29, 2009 the laboratory test which is part of the WTF Recognition process, was held at the Korea Institute of Sports Science (Seoul, Korea). This test was recommended by the WTF Ad-hoc Committee for Electronic Protectors after watching the progress of Daedo`s system for several months since it was presented in Lausanne, Switzerland, on May 6, 2009.

The results of the above mentioned test were positive and the Ad-hoc Committee decided to continue with the process of Recognition by authorizing a Field Test Competition with Daedo electronic protectors, an event to prove that the electronic protectors work correctly during real competitions. For this reason, the Dutch National Championships (Junior and Senior), which is to be held on January 16 in Dordrecht (The Netherlands), has been chosen as the Field Test Competition of Daedo electronic protectors and 3 Ad-hoc Committee members will be dispatched to supervise the operation of this system.

Once the Daedo system passes this Field Test Competition,  the next and last step will be to officially become WTF Recognized and therefore be used at any event around the world.

It is important to know that so far, the following championships have used Daedo electronic protectors, with very positive results:
Flora Pokal in Hamburg, Germany (9 May 2009)
4-country competition in Schwabach, Germany (16 May 2009)
Catalonian Taekwondo Federation`s Cup in Barcelona, Spain (24 May 2009)
King`s Cup in Torrelavega, Spain (6 June 2009)
Under-21 Championships of Valencia in Alberich, Spain (27 June 2009)
Under-21 Championships of Andalucia in Sevilla, Spain (28 June 2009)
2nd Daedo Cup in Cuenca, Ecuador (27-28 June 2009)
Argentina Open in Buenos Aires, Argentina (6-8 November 2009)
1st European Under-21 Championships in Vigo, Spain (6-8 November 2009)
Madrid International Open, Spain (21 November 2009)
Regional Championships of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain (29 November 2009)
Italian National Championships in Genova, Italy (5-6 December 2009)
Spanish Clubs Championships in Cartagena, Spain (12 December 2009)
Argentina National Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina (13 December 2009)
1st European University Taekwondo Championships in Braga, Portugal (10-12 December 2009)
Andalucia International Open in Osuna, Spain (19 December 2009)
Regional Championships of Galicia, Spain (19 December 2009)

By Matías Rojas, for masTaekwondo.com


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  1. We would like to purchase the Daedo Electronic Protectors for our Dojan/Club…How do we order from Daedo…

    Please advice us and do give all the details/information of Daedo so that we can place order to procure the electronic equipments of Taekwondo.

    thanking you…

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